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a self-help manual for survivors of human trafficking

Human trafficking is the exploitation and trade of humans by the use of force and through restriction of freedom. Human trafficking is a complex form of traumatic experience because it takes place in a relationship between victim and perpetrator/trafficker, through mechanisms of captivity and control.

Many survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking never receive professional help for their post-traumatic reactions for different reasons. For Freedom have published a free trauma oriented self-help manual to meet this gap. This self-help manual is based on psychological evidence based therapeutic techniques and knowledge. It is meant to be a tool to help you find not only physical freedom, but also a sense of freedom for your mind and heart. The information and exercises provided in this book can help you to understand and cope with your trauma and the reactions it has caused. It is crucial for your recovery that you learn to see your symptoms as normal reactions to abnormal events, and that you repeatedly place the responsibility and shame where it belongs; with the people who hurt you and took advantage of you.

You can can read the self-help manual below on this page, or order the self-help manual in pdf-format HERE.

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Here and now: A self-help manual for survivors of human trafficking

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